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The field manual was was mailed from Quillin’s Drug Store, La Crosse Wisconsin to Don Berliner in April 1994 in the form of undeveloped 35 mm film. This occurred shortly after Don Berliner attended the Oshkosh Aircraft Tradeshow sponsored by the Experimental Aircraft Association.

Immediately skeptics came forward and offered numerous claims of fakery, ranging from ad hominem attacks to the typical position that if it didn’t follow the security procedures in detail, it must be phony. All these objections are discussed and addressed within this website and the majesticdocuments.com website. As one digs deeper into the content, alleged fakery and anachronisms the probability that the document is total authentic and completely genuine keeps increasing.

The primary investigators, Dr. Robert M. Wood and Ryan S. Wood rate the probability of SOM1-01 as being authentic as 94% and 97% respectively.  Our logic, thinking and conversation is included within this website.