What Does a Real Psychological Operations Officer Say?

What Does a Real Psychological Operations Officer Say About The Majestic Documents?

Dr. Michael Aquino (Colonel, U.S. Army – Ret.), who spent his entire 24-year career both creating and managing enemy deception in psychological operations and propaganda, had this to say after studying SOM 1-01 and the Majestic documents:

“I don’t see the MJ-12 documents as comprising an effective psyop campaign of any sort. What would be the purpose?

If MJ-12 existed and the docs were supposed to be believable, they would just draw more attention to the Majestic program that the government wanted under wraps. If the docs’ occasional format errors were supposed to be deliberate, what would be the point of creating & disseminating such docs? All they would do would be to attract presumably unwanted amateur interest in MJ-12, which again the government would presumably not want.

PSYOP, despite the ‘ooga-booga’ mythology around it, is not a very complicated process. A target audience is thinking about a subject one way, and you want to get them to think about it another way. So an audience analysis is performed to find out how to talk to them, how to gain credibility with them, and how to appeal to their needs and interests. Then phrase your objective accordingly and communicate it. If you do all this correctly, their minds change and they think/act the way you want them to. That’s it.

If MJ-12 were in fact a real, top-secret government operation, which the government intended to keep secret, then anything using its name or orbiting around its business (such as the MJ-12 docs or SOM1-01 manual) would not be remotely appropriate for any advertisement or publicity whatever.

The only situation in which I could see PSYOP resources playing a part would be one in which the cat were out of the bag about MJ-12’s existence, and the government then acted to trivialize or minimize it. When I saw Dark Skies on television, it occurred to me that this could be one way of turning the entire topic into a ‘science fiction cartoon’, in much the same way that the movie Philadelphia Experiment and its even zanier sequel did for that topic.”

Dr. Aquino further added in a conversation that he would be very surprised if there was not a blue ribbon panel such as the membership of MJ-12 to investigate UFOs. After all there are high-ranking panels on all sorts of threats to national security, such as domestic biological weapons and terrorism.